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At Phoenix coin and gold dealer, we buy all sterling silver which is .925 silver which includes…

Silver jewelry, Native American silver, Mexican silver, sterling flatware, bowls, tea sets, broken and dented silver jewelry , vintage silver, and silver watches.

Silver has long been considered a luxury metal throughout history for thousands of years. There are three different types of silver:

FINE SILVER, which is .999 purity is too soft for making jewelry. However, all silver used for investment or trade on commodities exchange must be 99.9% silver or pure .999 (Sometimes referred to as the three nines fine.)

Pure silver does not oxidize and never turns.

We Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is marked .925 which tarnishes more easily due to the copper content, since copper oxidizes easily but will retain its value more than silver plated.

Plated silver is covered by a thin layer of silver that coats a stronger base metal such as copper and brass which makes it more durable but has no silver value.

We buy Sterling silver jewelry

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We Buy Sterling Silverware Coffee & Tea Sets & Sterling Hollowware & Flatware

The first step to determining whether your silver is sterling or plated is to have us test it for its silver content.

Our goal is to educate our customers so that you can make an informed decision and for us to provide extraordinary service in a no pressure environment.

We buy Sterling Silver table service tea pots trays and flatware

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